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Entries from September 2008

Nomads in Copenhagen

September 15th, 2008 · 115 Comments

The moving agency swore that it would be Sept. 15th. I didn’t bother checking up on the container full our goods myself as I just trusted them to do their jobs.  Yeah, right. Sept. 13th comes along and I ask where our container is. After a few panicky moments, the moving agency realizes that the damn [...]

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London is a dark place…no, really, it is

September 9th, 2008 · 30 Comments

Everyone says that London is a dark, brooding place. Most of them are right. Some people say that London can be bright, cheerful and quite pleasant, but there are places in the darkest corners of the globe which can also have a few days like that in the year.No, London is just as you’ve heard [...]

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